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Title: Dying to Self

Text: Matthew 16:24-27

Theme: We need to realize that there is a war going on
inside of us as to who is in charge.





 "When Adam exercised free-will and sin came into the world,

that action placed 'self' on the throne of man's heart and life.

We became selfish...Self became our first priority...

Need gave way to want. Instead of love, we became overcome with lust."

"We all need self-esteem, but Jesus tells us to crucify self...

dying to self is essential to our Christian walk. It is not easy. It hurts."

"The Characteristics of Those Who Have Died to Self"

1/ If I have died to self, I don't always have to be in control;

I don't have to have my way or my will.

2/ If I have died to self, I will not easily be offended.

3/ If I have died to self, I will be free to serve others.


"If we are dead to our own needs and desires,

we will have more time serve others."


 For those of us who love Pastor's jokes,

and even those who love Pastor in spite of his jokes: 

"Sometimes the most basic truths of Christianity can be quite confusing.

Take for instance the first time little Suzy attended a funeral service.

The minister used the phrase, 'ashes to ashes dust to dust.'

Suzy didn't understand so she asked her grandma, who was with her,

what it meant. Her grandma explained, 'It means that we were made out of dust

and when we die, we'll become dust again.'

It all made perfect sense to Suzy until she went home that night.

Walking into the living room, she screamed in horror.

Her Mom came running. 'What's wrong, Suzy?' she asked.

Suzy yelled, 'There's dead people everywhere in here!"


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